Venture and Mentor Testimonials

Learn more about the experiences that our ventures and mentors have had throughout the course of the program. 

Venture Testimonials

“We are grateful to be a part of this ecosystem and appreciate all of the resources at our disposal. Having the mentors we have now has been important for our company as they have assisted us in not only providing great direction for next steps, but also helping us to avoid potential issues that we may not have foreseen with our limited business background. Small pieces of advice have turned into big gains for us as a company.”
– Erica C., Co-Founder of Rahoo Baby

“Being a part of the VMN community has given me the knowledge and insight to move my business forward. Being one of the ventures gives me peace of mind knowing that I have someone behind me that pushes me to think like an entrepreneur, challenge the status-quo, and identify the errors I am making. The VMN experience has changed my business all the way to core.”
– Evan E., Founder of Go Goldens

“It has been great to be able to interact with and learn from a distinguished figure in our industry that is there to guide us through the work we do. The VMN experience has allowed our venture to develop with guidance from a knowledgeable mentor, allowing for better development of ourselves as entrepreneurs.”
-Sebastian O., Co-Founder of Ichosia

“This program has been very helpful in moving my startup forward. The mentors I gained have been with me for 2+ years and have seen my growth.”
– Madi R., Founder of Mount Locks

Mentor Testimonials

“By mentoring at VMN I inspire and give advice to entrepreneurs and their teams to bring to market products and technologies that positively impact the world. To have a small part in that mission gives me great satisfaction. A piece of advice for entrepreneurs, seek out someone who has been in your “shoes” so to speak as an entrepreneur. You can gain excellent insights, advice and true empathy from those who have walked in a similar path before!”
-Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, Mentor

“[I enjoyed] working with talented motivated students, VMN staff, interacting with other mentors, and all the associated social events. Hands down, for me, [the most rewarding about mentoring in the VMN] has been watching students gain proficiency and confidence in converting their ideas and vision into actual advancing ventures.”
– James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D, Mentor

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