Ventures we’ve worked with at VMN

We’re proud to have worked with fantastic ventures of all shapes and sizes.
Each month we highlight one of our incredible ventures. Learn more about this month’s highlights, Cardinal Kit & Alternova, below! 

Cardinal Kit & Alternova
CardinalKit is an open source platform that was created between innovators at the Stanford Byers Center of Biodesign and Alternova, a Digital Health software development company. 
CardinalKit is a set of tools that allows you to build your digital health product or research from the ground up, from the app itself to storing collected data in the cloud and visualizing it in a dashboard. It is basically a pre-built starting point to kick off and enhance your app, medical device or research project.
The purpose of this platform is to help digital health innovators collect, organize, and easily view data that is collected through their digital health applications, mobile devices, and wearables—all through a single interface.
Integration is simple. Thanks to the iOS framework’s low-code configuration and setup, digital health innovators can use the CardinalKit platform to accelerate product development and roll out working prototypes of their applications at a lower cost.
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About our experience with VMN/HSE and mentors: Being a part of this program has boosted CardinalKit’s product market fit pathway. We’ve received very valuable feedback, guidance and powerful introductions that have been instrumental for the stage we’re in as a company.