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Mentoring occurs at all stages of venture development. The VMN looks for mentors with entrepreneruial, innovative backgrounds and experience, backed by strong interpersonal skills, who will adhere to the mission and the principles of the program.

Early Stage

Mentor concepts considering commercialization.

Build Stage

Mentor ventures executing on business model milestones.

Invest Stage

Mentor ventures preparing and refining fundraising pitch decks.

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Get Involved as a Mentor

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Ventures we’ve worked with

I have had the privilege to work with multiple mentors to shape Oyster Common’s strategy while pivoting from a traditional marketplace to a platform driven by Artificial Intelligence. This has included guidance on customer discovery, pitch development, and refining Oyster Common’s business model.
Jon P.,

Founder & CEO, Oyster Common’s

Frequently asked questions

What is the time committment?

In the VMN, you choose how you want to be engaged based on your interests and capacity. The time commitment is based on the mentoring opportunity. The VMN has a wide range of mentoring opportunities built to be flexible. We have mentoring opportunities that range in time commitment from 1 meeting with a venture to 3 meetings within 3 months with a venture to multiple meetings with a venture lasting as long as it takes to fulfill the venture’s mentor needs. When you complete New Mentor Orientation, mentoring opportunities are defined, including estimated time commitment. 

How quickly will I be matched with a venture?

The VMN is dedicated to ensuring quality engagement for both mentors and mentees in the program. That being said, the program is an opt-in opportunity for both mentors and mentees. You will be matched with a mentee based on fit for needs as soon as possible, following completion of New Mentor Orientation.  

What kinds of ventures will I mentor?

The ventures or potential startup concepts you work with will vary based on who participates in the program supporting Research and Development at Northeastern, who proceeds through IDEA: Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator, and who discovers the VMN via other Centers and Departments on campus as well as via the web. There are several ways that we connect with various ventures. To have a look at who we have worked with to date, please visit the Who We’ve Worked With page! 

Get involved as a Mentor

Interested in getting involved with ventures in one or more of these stages? Contact us at to learn more about mentoring opportunities!