Our partners across campus enhance both the entrepreneurship education experience and the venture incubation process.

Faculty and Staff-Led Partners

The Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education (NUCEE) is a university-wide destination for entrepreneurship. We empower students, faculty, and alumni from across the university to innovate, start new companies, and become leaders in the innovation economy.

The Center for Family Business guides families through the unique, dynamic complexities of their family and business via high-quality educational support, networking, and individual business counseling.

The mission of the Center for Research Innovation is to pair solution-oriented research with real-world needs for the enrichment of society through the protection, acceleration, and commercialization of Northeastern innovation.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group offers three different tracks: starting and growing venture capital-backed ventures, starting and growing owner-managed and family businesses primarily in the retail and services industries, and social enterprise. Students learn from faculty who have flourished as entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers.

Health Science Entrepreneurs promote health sciences innovation within the Northeastern community by educating and equipping health startups with resources for success through specialized education and mentoring.

The Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education enables interdisciplinary student entrepreneurship in the broadest sense by providing education about tools, concepts, and resources to foster creativity and the ability to develop commercially viable ideas.

We are your catalyst to stay in touch with your lifelong Northeastern community, keep learning, access career strategies, engage with thought leaders and idea-generators, and find the resources you need to achieve what’s next.

Student-Led Partners

Mosaic Organizations are housed in colleges across the university. The organizations are run by students learning the disciplines that are critical to building any program, product, or organization. Students learn to work as part of a mix of the disciplines and are charged with building something of enduring value.

 Compass provides accounting and financial operations support to young ventures, including tax support, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, forecast analysis, and accounting services.

Entrepreneurs Club helps Northeastern students discover their entrepreneurial drive by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences outside of the classroom.

Generate is Northeastern’s student-led product development studio where tech-minded people build real-world products for Northeastern ventures.

Huntington Angels Network is a student-run organization dedicated to connecting Northeastern affiliated start-ups with angel investors and venture capital firms.

 IDEA is a student-led venture accelerator that fosters the development of entrepreneurs in the Northeastern community through the educational experience of developing a business from concept to launch.

The IP CO-LAB, led by law school students and faculty from the law and business schools, provides crucial intellectual property- related legal information and services to inventors and ventures in Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

NUImpact is a student-led impact investing initiative that serves as a resource for the entire Northeastern community to understand purposeful capital.

 Origin teaches entrepreneurs to think critically about technology and technologists to think intuitively about entrepreneurship with didactic events, financial opportunities, and a network of industry experts.

Scout fosters design leadership across disciplines by designing for clients, conducting human-centered design research throughout Boston, putting on an annual conference, and hosting biweekly speakers.


ViTAL organizes workshops and a mentor network aimed at building an interdisciplinary community interested in disrupting healthcare with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship is dedicated to showcasing entrepreneurship in an interdisciplinary light and helping women develop an innovative mindset through interactive bi-weekly workshops, a thought-incubator, and mentorship pairings.

Stay in touch with our partners

Dive into the best and brightest leaders and innovators both within Northeastern University and beyond. Listen in on insightful conversations with successful global entrepreneurs, our own community of student founders, faculty, and alumni, and the people that make IDEA possible — IDEA’s Management Team.

The Northeastern Next Podcast is your channel to your global alumni network. Catch up with alumni to hear what they do every day to achieve what’s next, and learn about their journey after Northeastern.

The Northeastern Next Podcast is your channel to your global alumni network. Catch up with alumni to hear what they do every day to achieve what’s next, and learn about their journey after Northeastern.